Bali Preset Package

Timeless presets I created during my trips to Bali that work on ANY image.

Presets included in this Bali pack

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Preset 1: Wavy

This preset is perfect for the days at the beach. Creating an image that pops without being too overbearing. Softening most colors while making the skin tones shine in every condition.

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Preset 2: Cold Water

Created to recapture the contrasting colors of the lush jungles with the intense blues of the water. While adding a cinematic flair.
All while making sure that every single aspect is in balance.

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Preset 3: Left Field

I called this preset Left Field because I did something different than usual for this one. Giving it an almost vintage feel through the changes in color while maintaining the perfect skin tones.

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Preset 4: Warm Up

Getting out of the cold water to warm up a bit. Making sure the focus is on the subject and on the warm skin tones. In terms making the subject the center of attention with a golden glow.

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Preset 5: Shine Through

Recreating a sunny day when in reality there wasn’t that much sun to begin with. This preset is perfect for getting that golden glow without the full presence of the sun.

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Preset 6: Tanner

As the name implies. This preset will give your subject a better tan whilst not being excessive. It’s perfect for creating that specific look while still making your subject stand out from the background.

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Preset 7: Breeze

Lightweight and subtle, yet poignant. Keeping all aspects as close to their natural color as possible with a slight hint of my overall style. It may just be enough if this is what you’re looking for.

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Preset 8: In The Night

I created this preset as I wanted to make something where the greens and skin tones are able to pop at night without it looking artificial. All while retaining a soft image.

Bali Preset Package

Bali Preset Package including all 8 presets
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