Who Is Mika?

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About Me

My name is Mika Heijnen, a Dutch photographer/videographer who tries to make sure that companies/brands/influencers have the best possible content to post and help other photographers improve their craft.

I graduated for my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the University of North Hampton in 2018. I have been following my passion for creating and traveling ever since. During this time I created photo and video content for amazing clients across the world. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with some incredible people over the last few years, many of which have become close friends. I cannot wait to find out what the upcoming years have in store for me and my friends! 

I always try to stay as flexible as possible, maintaining the ability to provide my clients with content across the world. This has been a bit more difficult since the start of the current pandemic. Which is why my partner and I decided to live in the Netherlands (The Hague) for the foreseeable future. Using the Netherlands as our main hub, while we travel the world.

I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio during this period. During this transition I started developing websites (such as this one) for my clients. Now being able to provide the complete package for a successful online presence. From photography to videography, to social media to a fully-fledged website. I hope you enjoy my work, may we meet one day 🙂

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Feel free to sent me a message. Whether you have a proposal, questions or just want to say hi. Everything is welcome!