Los Angeles Preset Package

Timeless presets inspired by my trip to Los Angeles that work on ANY image.

Presets included in this Los Angeles pack

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Preset 1: The Golden State

This preset is exactly how I imagine the perfect Cali preset to be like: Bright, golden, lush and warm. Making the skin tones the major driving force and retaining the iconic California golden glow.

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Preset 2: Beach Boys

With the sun setting over Santa Monica beach you have to make sure you capture every little detail of color and make it whole.
From the intense sun rays to the soft blues of the ocean.

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Preset 3: Hollywoodchopper

The warm brown tones and the reduced highlights make this preset ideal for long vistas. Hence the wood and chopper and the fact that we are flying above Hollywood. (Please forgive the pun hahaha)

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Preset 4: Caliber

This is some of the most pop/punch I’ve given to any preset. This is treading on some thin ice but the preset is still in the realm of not being overly saturated or “punchy”.

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Preset 5: Sunlit

Coloring a shot where your subject is standing in direct sunlight can be a difficult task. I used to avoid these kind of shots but I stuck with it for a while and created this preset in the process.

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Preset 6: Foreword

This is one of the first photos I shot in LA. this shot in particular has taught me a lot about my own presets. After spending countless hours on this photo, this is the preset I ended up with.

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Preset 7: Dreamwork

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: Los Angeles is a place where dreams come true and a place of dreamers. So what better way to capture that dreamy aesthetic than through the use of color.

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Preset 8: Nightcap

This preset is specifically made for shots taken with a flashlight. Giving it a bright, less flat appearance. Holding on to the warmth while adding character.

Los Angeles Preset Package

Los Angeles Preset Package including all 8 presets
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