Marrakech Preset Package

Timeless presets inspired by my trip to Marrakech that work on ANY image.

Presets included in this Marrakech pack

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Preset 1: Wildcard

This preset will make even the most barren of deserts pop. Creating an inviting image without it being overly done. Striking the right balance and making sure that the subject stands out.

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Preset 2: Fortunate

Capturing the sandy feel of Marrakech without the colors looking dull. All colors are enhanced to create a warm, sandy feeling. The skin tones also greatly benefit from this style.

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Preset 3: All Of The Lights

Giving the Souk of Marrakech a magical touch. Complementing the existing light sources that are available to create an image which is both as magical as it grounded in reality.

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Preset 4: Noble

While creating this preset I wanted to make sure that the subject would seem larger than life. Evoking a feeling of royalty through the use of color. All while still retaining that original beauty.

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Preset 5: Dustup

This preset perfectly captures that dusty feeling a place such as Marrakech will give you. Feeling rough yet elegant. Transporting you back to that feeling of being in an area covered by sand.

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Preset 6: Innerbloom

Blooming from the subject outward. It’s a tricky feeling to recreate. It can come off as a bit much sometimes but when it’s used well it can really play to the strengths of your subject.

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Preset 7: Backtrack

I named this preset Backtrack since the foundation of this preset goes back a long time. I rediscovered this look and improved upon it, making it one of the most versatile presets I have.

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Preset 8: Namaskar

Namaskar is a traditional Indian greeting of respect. This preset possesses all the features of a well rounded balanced look with an extra bit of everything.

Marrakech Preset Package

Marrakech Preset Package including all 8 presets
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