Venice Preset Package

Timeless presets inspired by my trip to Venice that work on ANY image.

Presets included in this Venice pack

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Preset 1: Creed

Seeing Venice from a gondola is about as spectacular as it is cliché. Therefor I wanted to lay the emphasis on the spectacular when it came to editing. Using unconventional editing to create this preset.

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Preset 2: Juliet

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I know this isn’t Venice haha. During our trip to Venice we went to Verona for one day. But this preset perfectly fits the beauty of Verona.

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Preset 3: Ahead Of The Curve

The name of this preset is partially intended as another pun but the thought extends to the preset itself as well. By thinking outside the box I discovered new ways of using existing editing techniques.

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Preset 4: Warner

Rich warm tones combined with the stark contrast of the blues helps to make our stay at this resort seem as warm and welcoming as it was thanks to this preset.

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Preset 5: Full Scoop

This preset covers the entire spectrum. Not going overboard in any way and keeping the main focus on the people. making the skin tones warmer while making the rest look a bit cooler.

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Preset 6: Hidden In Plain Sight

I almost wanted to call this preset “Hidden In Plane Sight” but ended up not doing that since it might be a bit much haha. This preset accentuates some colors that I rarely use in my presets.

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Preset 7: Unabridged

This preset paints in every single thing about the image, leaving little room for imagination. But in return creating a full, bold image.
(Most preset names of this package have been puns, sorry for that.)

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Preset 8: Shallow

A preset utilizing some of the basics. Creating a simplistic but direct edit. Something which can be used as a solid stand alone preset or as a preset that leaves a lot of room for experimentation.

Venice Preset Package

Venice Preset Package including all 8 presets
A comprehensive installation guide for all mobile and desktop versions of Lightroom



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